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"...liberation is what happens between people; not against, for or on behalf of others"

-Taiwo Afuape

Therapy Groups

Present Offerings



Meeting Online March - May

  • 10 90-minute sessions

  • 6-8 members total

  • Weekday meetings; time and day TBD based on group availability


This group provides an encouraging, non-judgmental space to establish self-care practices for the new year. Along with solution-focused goal-setting and tracking tools, we'll have space to build understanding and compassion for ongoing challenges and blocks that may arise along the way. 


This group may be for you if...

+ You value peer connection while also appreciating the structure and support of a facilitator

+ You want to increase your capacity to cope with depression and anxiety

+ You are open to trying new practices and resources

For more information and to register, visit:

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Past Offerings




This group is for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) adults of any gender identity. Surviving the pandemics of COVID-19 and the impacts of racism takes a huge toll on mental health and well-being. I will be holding space for folks as the impacts unfold both personally and politically. 

Future Offerings

Saturn takes about 29.5 years to complete its transit through all the signs in the zodiac. Between ages 27-29, Saturn will re-enter the sign it was in when you were born. It then stays there for a few years, creating friction in whichever area of your astrological birth chart it inhabits.

Disasters, disruptions, and destruction may ensue. However, Saturn's challenges can also be seen as invitations for us to become more honest and authentic with ourselves, develop greater discipline and focus, connect more deeply to our values, and release whatever and whoever is not serving our greater purpose in this time.


The first Saturn Return is a cosmic initiation from young adulthood to being plain grown-up. Some fear the process, others ignore and deny (or are oblivious to) it, though the ones who can bravely and consciously embrace this transition will emerge with greater wisdom and strength than they could have imagined

If you are in your late twenties to early thirties, you may be experiencing your Saturn Return now or in the near future. My next group will focus on participants who have their Saturn in Pisces. If you are interested in finding out more details on the group when they are available, send me an e-mail or sign-up for my mailing list. 


You will need to know your exact birth time and place to calculate your Saturn Return. Your birth chart will also give you a greater sense of which areas of your life are likely to be most impacted. Don't worry–you don't have to have much experience with astrology to participate in the group. We will discuss how to read and interpret your chart and learn from the varying levels of familiarity and expertise group members share. The dates and times in the chart below give a rough idea (source), but may be off depending on your current timezone and your birth time and location: 

Utopian Visions

Jump to: Utopian Visions Series, Saturn Return Integration, or Teens UnpluggedFor more information on the groups described below, as well as other groups and services as they become available, please send me an e-mail or sign-up for my mailing list.


INTRODUCTION PHASE: We will address the heartbreaking, cataclysmic realities of our time and how they affect holistic health, wellness, and survival. Drawing from science-fiction, magical realism, afro-futurism, queer futurity, mythology, and social movements throughout history, the group serves as a creative incubator for participants' sense of future possibilities. Daring to dream through living nightmares, participants reflect on personal and global narratives while using creative writing and storytelling to spin brighter futures into consciousness.

MANIFESTATION PHASE: Participants who wish to continue from the first phase collaborate with the group to co-create a performance for the community. Theatrical, musical, visual, or some combination of the three, the production will be imagined by the group under the general guiding theme of "Utopian Visions." The culminating event could happen in a performance venue, living room, gallery, community center, or public space. The audience could be friends and family members, passersby, or limited to fellow group members.   

INTEGRATION PHASE: During the closing phase of the series cycle, participants reflect on their experiences in the group and their relationship to their creative projects and ideas. We consider the visions conceived of and shared during earlier phases of the group and explore which threads can be tied back to present reality and everyday life. Participants commit to trying out a lifestyle change, taking on a new project, or otherwise altering our present to honor the future we wish to build.  


Saturn return INTEGRATION

Saturn Return



  • Jan. 28th, 1994 to April 7th, 1996: Saturn in Pisces

  • June 30th, 1993 to Jan. 28th, 1994: Saturn in Aquarius

  • May 21st, 1993 to June 30th, 1993: Saturn in Pisces

  • Feb. 6th, 1991 to May 21st, 1993: Saturn in Aquarius

  • Nov. 12th, 1988 to Feb. 6th, 1991: Saturn in Capricorn

  • June 10th 1988 to Nov. 12th, 1988: Saturn in Sagittarius

  • Feb. 13th, 1988 to June 10th 1988: Saturn in Capricorn





DECEMBER 19, 2017 ~ DECEMBER 16, 2020



MARCH 21, 2020 ~ MARCH 6, 2023



MARCH 7, 2023 ~ FEBRUARY 12, 2026

Teens Unplugged


Teens face unique challenges during this vulnerable and often volatile stage of life. This group is designed for teens who struggle with managing screen time and building relationships off of social media. We will learn about issues such as media literacy and holistic health. Image and identity, self-esteem, healthy relationships, bullying, social pressures, academic stress, shifting family relationships, sexual maturation and exploration, and vocational goals are some common topics that we can also  address in therapy, along with anything else participants bring to the group. 

This group offers a safe and welcoming space where teens feel free to express themselves while bonding with peers and building social skills IRL. In addition to facilitated discussions, we will also play games together, work on art projects, and spend time outdoors. The group will culminate in a community service project or collective action that the group members feel mutually invested in. My intention is to help participants complete the group with strategies for managing screen time, greater awareness while using social media, stronger relationship skills, more developed offline interests, and an increased investment in the local community.

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