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"Nature reminds me that healing is natural. My body, spirit, and mind want to heal and I need to create the space and time to do that.



I will meet you where you are at and join you where you would like to explore. My ecotherapy services are grounded in principles of accessibility, mindfulness, and connection to the earth and spirit. These sessions can be where all of our work takes place, or they can be combined with sessions in a therapy office or through telehealth.

COVID-19 NOTE:  Until further notice, I will primarily conduct sessions through video and phone, though we can also meet in person outdoors (not in an office). We will maintain a 6ft+ distance during ecotherapy sessions. Meeting locations will be limited to those open during shelter-in-place and areas where it is easy to follow social distancing recommendations. Regular sessions can be held at parks within Alameda county, and half-day retreats can be arranged at other destinations.  


For some people, breathing in certain outdoor spaces is healthier than breathing in some indoor spaces. The option to move around feels better than the expectation of remaining seated. Meeting in an open public space feels more comfortable than meeting in a closed private room. Locations beyond my office site may work better for schedule and travel logistics


Spending time in nature offers effective relief of symptoms of anxiety and depression. Connecting with the land, plants, and animals helps us reconnect to the earth, seasons, life cycles, and our role as humans sharing this planet. 


Developing our relationships to natural environments promotes the collaborative actions needed in a time of global climate crisis. Recognizing and learning from indigenous communities, including the histories of the lands we occupy, is a component of the greater healing work called for on a collective level.   

WALK, TALK & PLANT SEEDS (postponed until further notice)

I co-facilitate local group hikes and community garden volunteer days with a naturalist specializing in sustainable permaculture. These are not therapy groups, though there will be light facilitation to help build comfort and connection within the group. No fees, registration, or experience required. For more information, sign up for my mailing list.  


  • Will you be traveling by public transportation, car, bike, foot, or some other means?

  • Would you like to meet in an area with seating, or do you prefer moving around?

  • Are paved, even surfaces, or hilly, unpaved surfaces better for you?

  • Are you okay with busier places, or is it important to meet in a place where it is easy to find space from others? 

  • Do you need to have a nearby bathroom available?

  • Would you like to meet in a dog-friendly (or dogs-prohibited) location?

  • Would meeting at a playground help you manage your childcare responsibilities?

  • How might temperature, weather, allergies, and other sensitivities impact your experience? What are some ways we can prepare for shifting outdoor conditions? 


I can meet you in a variety of local outdoor public areas. Your preferences and access needs are centered as we decide on our meeting location(s). 

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